About Ocean Tech Hub


The Ocean Tech Hub is a regional collaboration to accelerate the commercialization of ocean technology.

We are the only designated Tech Hub in the U.S. dedicated to undersea technology.

Through a networked framework in the U.S.'s Northeast region, the Ocean Tech Hub connects water-based assets, research, IP, and a community of innovators in undersea robotics, advanced materials and AI with resources to grow businesses, iterate technology development and manufacturer ocean tech.

Over the next decade, America’s ocean economy is poised to grow by $300 billion, supporting critical sectors like clean energy, national security, aquaculture, climate mitigation and more. As the nation’s only federally designated Tech Hub specifically focused on Ocean Technology, Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts are uniquely positioned to play a leading role in this national growth. Leveraging our existing assets and nationally leading expertise, the Ocean Tech Hub will unleash the potential of ocean research and innovative Blue Economy technologies that will power our future and create jobs and economic opportunities in New England and beyond.

How we’ll get there

The Ocean Tech Hub provides commercial access to world-class testing facilities, streamlines access to water-based testing, and enables iterative testing in a digital environment. We provide targeted second stage-business growth supports including technical assistance and access to capital. And we are building a comprehensive workforce development portfolio that includes K-12, wraparound supports, lab-based internships, and ongoing employer signaling to ensure demand-driven and future-looking workforce programs.

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Partners & Consortium Members

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